Amazon Sees Largest Level of Deforestation in 15 Years

Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon rainforest has hit its highest level in over 15 years, official data shows.


A report by the Brazilian space research agency (Inpe) found deforestation increased by 22 percent in one year.Brazil is one of several countries that pledged to end and abolish deforestation by 2030 during the COP26 climate summit.The Amazon is home to about three million species of plants and animals. and a million indigenous peoples It is an important carbon storage facility that helps slow global warming.

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from the latest information Some 13,235 square kilometers (5110 square miles) were lost during 2020-21, the highest number since 2006.Environment Minister Joaquim Leite said the information was a "challenge" and said "we need to be stronger about these crimes".He added that the information "It certainly doesn't reflect the situation in the past few months.

Deforestation in the Amazon has increased under President Jair Bolsonaro, who has encouraged agricultural and mining activities in the rainforest.He also clashed with Inpe in the past over deforestation. It accused the agency in 2019 of messing up Brazil's reputation.

But at the November weather conference in Glasgow Brazil is one of several countries that have signed a key agreement to end and reverse the practice.The pledges include nearly 14 billion pounds ($19.2 billion) of public and private funds, some going to developing countries to restore damaged land. deal with forest fires and support indigenous communities

Jair Bolsonaro is on tour in Dubai this week. Tell investors that the deforestation attack on Brazil "not fair"We want people to know the real Brazil," he said, adding that 90% of the forest was still preserved.These latest numbers reveal the real Brazil. This is a country where the government has talked about the opportunity to develop the Amazon from the beginning. and at the same time look down on environmental problems

not only that These numbers are dated October 27 - they appear to have been kept until after COP26.Jair Bolsonaro did not attend COP26 but his delegation wants to go to Glasgow and convince the world that people are wrong about Brazil - it even says it will go ahead with its commitment to ending deforestation. by 2028


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