Operation Process Of Manual Fertilizer Seeder

Is the operation of Manual Fertilizer Seeder clear after purchasing the machine? Let the manual fertilizer planter factory teach you.


Is the operation of Manual Fertilizer Seeder clear after purchasing the machine?  Let the manual fertilizer planter factory teach you.

1, seeder should be adjusted before operation.  The sowing rate of each metering device should be basically the same, and the sowing rate should meet the sowing requirements of local agronomic regulations.  If this is not the case, the overall adjustment can be made by the sowing amount adjustment handle provided on the seeder, and the above steps are repeated until the requirements are met.  When the displacement of each row increases, by adjusting the displacement position of the lower part of the outer wheel sorter, the working length of the sowing wheels can be basically the same, and the measurement quantity of each row is basically the same.

  1. In order to ensure the sowing quality, before using the balance, we must test several meters first, carefully check the working condition of the planter, and invite farmers, peasants, etc. to check with the local and cooperate with the agronomic requirements, and then carry out large-scale planting.
  2. When selecting the operation plan, please ensure the convenience of filling seeds and machinery.  Pay attention to speed and linear movement when planting.  Don't stop for a while or slow down to avoid repeated transmission and loss.  In order to prevent the opener from blocking, please operate the elevator of the flowerpot when driving.  Reverse or rotate to increase the planter.  Failure to do so may result in insertion and damage of the opener, as well as protrusions and bulges.
  3. During operation, the seeds in the seed box shall not be one fifth of the volume of the seed box;  When transporting or transferring land, replace the seed box with seeds and squeeze other heavy objects.

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