Introduction Of High Performance V-belt

Regarding the High strength V-Belt, the description is as follows:

Overview of high-strength triangle belt:

Regarding the High strength V-Belt, the description is as follows:

  1. Overview of high-strength triangle belt:

Mainly used in high torque transmission systems. The matrix adopts tough polyurethane compound;   

Carbon fiber cord has higher strength, lower elongation, higher flexibility; proprietary tooth structure provides high shear force, low noise, and improves transmission power; oil resistance, chemical corrosion or abrasion resistance; reduced nylon tooth surface It reduces friction and is lubrication-free; the use time is 3 times longer than the chain; it is quieter than the chain.  

Suitable for industries such as machine tools, medical equipment, inventory equipment, micro appliances, hair dryers and woodworking machinery.

  1. Features of high-strength triangle belt:   
  2. The unique 60° angle and the structure of polyurethane material make it able to withstand larger loads when running at high speed in a small space compared to traditional V-belts.  
  3. Polyurethane mixture can resist wear, ozone and most environmental factors.  
  4. Sophisticated manufacturing method makes it run quietly.  
  5. The back groove design provides higher stability and flexibility.  
  6. Working temperature is -65°F to +180°F (-54°C to +85°C)   

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