Diablo 2: The only mission opportunity in Resurrection

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Players can infuse items through an NPC in Act 1 in Diablo 2: Resurrection. But each difficulty can only get one chance. The infusion will upgrade ordinary items to rare items. and give items more power and magical attributes of random combinations.

Because the advantages of infusion products are relatively large. According to the rules of the game, this action can only be performed once per difficulty. Items include weapons and equipment used to enhance character skills and statistics. The higher the quality of an item, the better its attributes. and the more magical attributes it has.

To unlock the ability to infuse items, players need to complete certain tasks. Receive the task and complete the task as required. Players will be able to easily complete tasks and receive rewards. After completing the task. That is, infusion of items may result in poor weapon quality because the player is at a low level in Act 1.

The player has the opportunity to instill an item. Each difficulty can only be used once, but as long as the player wants to, he can save the instilled ability. The safest thing to do is to wait until the character reaches a high level or reaches the highest level. If the player chooses to infuse items in advance, it is best to use professional items.

Diablo 2: The resurrected character has a top-notch figure enhanced with high-quality equipment and weapons. The infusion can only be obtained through the blacksmith NPC Charsi in the first act town. Players who want a higher probability can get a fast track from https://www.mmoso.com/d2r-items. Unfortunately, these attributes are randomly generated. Waiting for a higher level will provide better opportunities. However, it is recommended that players wait until they use this ability to improve their personalities.


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