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Midautumn, the elements in that mountainous region of northern Fujian slowly and gradually cool. Early at dawn, Ye Jianming and even Ye Jianxin, a few brothers as a result of Tufeng Vlg, Pushang The area, Shunchang Region, Nanping Place, Fujian Land, went to your job on ones own citrus hill at dawn dew simply because usual. That brothers stormed briskly, their face beaming considering Newport Cigarettes Carton Cheap the joy in harvest.

"This year's tobacco is known for a good obtain, a couple of days ago that tobacco channel has every purchased, is supposed to have much more than 60, 000 yuan cash. " Hu Laiying, mom of that Ye bros, said contentedly.

But hu laiying's eye lids water simply because she discusses her sons' over. Originally, Ye Jianming, Ye Jianxin brothers should they were some years classic, have an important fever, from the limited health conditions in that township, delayed treatments opportunity, so the originally good brothers contain lost ones own hearing and even USA Cigarettes Store language opportunity, become hard of hearing and Cheap Newport 100s Free Shipping idiotic.

In order to handle her a few sons, Hu laiying offered for sale her house hold and sought medical therapy in Nanping, Fuzhou and even Shanghai, however was at the same time late.

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